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Our first tiny steps that transformed into a meaningful journey with inspiring milestones.


2010 - 2014: Laying the Foundation

Acquired the land for Central Processing Unit building at Mohadi, Nashik in 2011 & laid the foundation in 2013. Installed advanced ripening chambers in 2014. Commenced fresh table grapes exports to Europe. Established Sahyadri Farms in 2010.

2015 - 2017: Stepping into the Big Global League

Maintained its position as India's largest grapes exporter to Europe since 2015.
Launched agri-input activity under SARL in 2015 while farmer finance was set in motion in the same year.
Launched aseptic & frozen processing in 2015.
Initiated tomato paste manufacturing in 2016.
Inaugurated the first domestic retail store in 2016.
Imported ARRA-19, a table grape variety from Grapa, California.
Imported patented table grape varieties - ARRA-15 & Iniagrape One.


2018 - 2020: Consolidating the Gains and Fighting through the Pandemic

Commissioned FMCG product lines and commenced production of Kissan Ketchup (Brand owned by Hindustan Unilever).
Launched an indigenously developed automatic weather station to provide live weather data to farmers.
Collaborated with Tata Strive Skill Development Centre to offer skill development programmes; completed the first batch of over 160 students.
Won exclusive rights for distribution of ARRA grape varieties in India.
Completed the agri-processing cluster (APC) allocated by MOFPI and won approval for 4 more food processing units in APC.
Efficient delivery of food baskets to 300,000 families in the lockdown during COVID-19.
Procured over 55,000 metric tonnes of tomatoes despite drought, heavy rains & COVID-19 in the same year.
Achieved total digitalisation via methodical seed-to-plate processing.
Successful implementation of SAP ERP platform across Sahyadri Group.
Setting up Sahyadri Farms Post Harvest Care Ltd.

2021 and beyond: Aiming for Global Domination

Setting up Sahyadri Farms Supply Chain Ltd.
Transferring the entire processing campus to Sahyadri Farms Post Harvest Care Ltd.
Started wholesale & B2B businesses through 50 distribution centres of Sahyadri Farms Supply Chain Limited.
Established residue testing facility for convenience of value chain, right where the process of food is executed.
Established India's one-of-its-kind advanced lab for soil, water, leaf & petiole testing.
Established an independent bio lab that included bio fertilisers. Successfully completed distinct projects namely: i) Aseptic ii) Raisin, iii) Rice iv) ETP
Launched an incubation centre for training of FPOs through 'Sahyadri Rural Development Foundation'.
Launched 'The Juice Farm', an authentic store vending fresh fruit juice.
Imported multiple varieties of fruits including grapes: SNFL Company (5 varieties), Grapa (9 varieties exclusively of ARRA), Citrus: 15 varieties
Yet again, cemented its position of being the foremost Indian grapes exporter to Europe.

2021 and beyond