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Milk Production Business

Milk Production Business

Our Milk Production Business focuses on providing comprehensive training and support to farmers to enhance milk yield and quality. Leveraging modern techniques and sustainable practices, we help farmers thrive in the dairy industry. We have successfully trained 412 farmers in advanced milk production techniques, extended our support to 110 milk production units, improving their efficiency and output, and provided crucial resources and assistance to seventy-eight farmers under the "BHA" scheme. Additionally, fifty-six farmers have entered into formal contracts with companies, ensuring a stable market for their produce.

Goat Farming

Goat Farming

Our Goat Farming initiative aims to empower farmers by providing the necessary training and resources to establish and manage goat farms effectively. We focus on improving herd health, breeding, and market access. We have trained 313 farmers, equipping them with essential skills for successful goat farming, facilitated the development of 78 goat farms across the region, and provided benefits from the "BHA" scheme to forty-two farmers, enhancing their farm operations. Furthermore, twenty-four farmers have secured contracts with the Goat Bank, ensuring better market access and financial stability.

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

Our Poultry Farming initiative provides farmers with the knowledge and tools to establish successful poultry operations. We emphasize biosecurity, nutrition, and disease management to ensure healthy and productive flocks. We have trained 212 farmers in best practices for poultry management and biosecurity, supported the establishment of 114 poultry farms, boosting local poultry production, and provided essential resources and support to fifty-two farmers under the "BHA" scheme. Additionally, sixty-one farmers have entered into contracts with the IB company, ensuring a reliable market for their poultry products.

Sarnaik Dairy

Sarnaik Dairy

Sarnaik Dairy focuses on collecting and distributing high-quality milk while supporting local farmers. We ensure fair prices and provide resources to enhance milk production and quality. We have successfully collected milk from 35 villages, ensuring a broad reach and consistent supply. Our operations support 400 milk-producing farmers, helping them achieve better market prices and quality. We operate 2 sales outlets that facilitate the distribution of milk to a wider consumer base, and our initiatives have empowered four hundred milk-producing women, providing them with better opportunities and support.

About Sarnaik Farms

Sarnaik Farms was established on August 21, 2020, with a vision to revolutionize the dairy industry by setting up a comprehensive value-added chain of milk production, processing, packing, and marketing.

The founding members of Sarnaik Farms decided to venture into the dairy business, aiming to provide high-quality milk and milk products to consumers. With modern dairy farms and advanced milk processing units, Sarnaik Farms ensures that the milk produced is of the highest quality.

Sarnaik Farms

Infrastructure & Technology

Modern Dairy Farms At Sarnaik Farms, milk is produced using state-of-the-art dairy farms equipped with modern technology. This ensures that the milk is not only fresh but also meets stringent quality standards. The use of modern farming techniques helps in maintaining the health and well-being of the cattle, leading to better milk production.
Milk Processing Unit The milk processing unit at Sarnaik Farms is designed to handle large quantities of milk efficiently. This unit processes the milk, ensuring it is safe for consumption and retains its nutritional value. The processed milk is then used to create various milk products that cater to diverse consumer needs.
Packaging and Marketing Once processed, the milk and milk products are carefully packed to maintain their freshness and quality. Sarnaik Farms uses advanced packaging techniques to ensure that the products reach consumers in the best possible condition. The marketing team at Sarnaik Farms works diligently to promote these products, making them available at various sales outlets.

Infrastructure and Technology

Pillars of Sarnaik Farms

Largest Integrated Value Chain

Largest Integrated Value Chain

It's our equity and compensation policies, our promises to customers, or use of state-of-the-art technologies to make trust tangible, Sahyadri Farms has been leading the way on all fronts.

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Pillar 2

Farm-to-fork traceability

Our farmers see what happens with their produce after it leaves their farm, and our consumers see details about their food, their farmer, and what happens with the money they pay.

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Pillar 3

Safety and hygiene

At Sarnaik Farms, we ensure that we remain updated with the latest health norms. We even followed updated FSSAI norms meant to ensure safety during the global COVID pandemic.

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Pillar 4

Farmer-led initiative

At Sarnaik Farms,Sarnaik Farms is an initiative fully led and managed by farmers who have complete understanding of the problems faced by small-landholding farmers.

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Our Licences and Certifications

FSSC 22000
Project of India
Jamiat Ulama

Our Sarnaik Dairy's Products

What's New

Karta Shetkari

Karta Shetkari

Our focus is to make the farmers of the district financially capable and progressive. By providing them with the necessary resources, training, and support, we aim to foster a sustainable agricultural environment. We are committed to improving their quality of life by introducing modern farming techniques, access to high-quality seeds and fertilizers, and facilitating better market access for their produce. Our goal is to create a thriving agricultural community where farmers can prosper, innovate, and lead the way towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Through our continuous efforts, we strive to build a resilient farming economy that can withstand challenges and grow stronger over time.

Paani Foundation

Sarnaik Dairy

Sarnaik Dairy offers a selection of high-quality dairy products, including creamy Dahi, sweet and flavorful Shrikhand, refreshing Lassi, and delectable Pedha. We pride ourselves on delivering freshness and authenticity in every product, ensuring a rich and enjoyable taste experience with each bite. Our Dahi provides a smooth and velvety texture perfect for every meal. The Shrikhand captures the essence of traditional flavors with its sweet and tangy notes. Our Lassi is a refreshing beverage, perfect for quenching your thirst while providing the nutritional benefits of dairy. Lastly, our Pedha is a sweet indulgence, crafted to perfection with the finest ingredients, making it a favorite among all age groups. At Sarnaik Dairy, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and taste, bringing you the best of what dairy has to offer.

Agro Tourism

Sarnaik Farms offers a unique and enriching opportunity for individuals to deeply connect with nature and the world of agriculture. Spend a full day immersing yourself in the beauty of the farm, engaging in hands-on farming activities, and learning about sustainable agricultural practices. With access to cutting-edge resources and expert guidance, you’ll enhance your skills and knowledge in farming. This experience not only fosters a deeper appreciation for the land but also equips you with practical insights to advance your agricultural expertise. Embrace the chance to contribute to the future of farming while enjoying the tranquility of rural life..

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